Our facials steams are a delightfully indulgent aromatherapy experience using mostly organic, non-GMO herbs. Steams are fantastic to open pores and airways, loosen dirt, stimulate circulation, and relax the body. Best used after cleansing and before applying facial oils and serums.

By steaming the herbs, you release the active constituents into the air to be breathed in.



Quantity: 1 pouch


Approximate Volume: 1 oz
*due to the hand-packed nature of the product please allow slight variances in volume.  Settling will occur during transit.



Herbal steams have been shown to moisten the airways and ease congestion and stuffiness when you are not feeling your best. Pair with a vapor rub to complete the experience.

  • Herbs of eucalyptus, clove, peppermint and/or spearmint, and cedar leaf with Himalayan pink salt.



Some say a good herbal steam can relax you as much as a good cup of sleepytime tea.

  • Herbs of lavender, passionflower and/or ashwaganda, ginger, chamomile, and valerian root.


To Use: Place a bowl of 4-6 cups steaming hot water on a table. Pour 1/3 to 1/2 of the floral blend into the bowl and completely submerge herbs. Allow herbs to steep 5-10 minutes. Sit comfortably in a chair. Position face 8-12 inches over the bowl with a towel over your head. Close eyes or use protective eyewear. Breathe regularly for no more than 10-15 minutes. Discard spent herbs in compost or trash.


Caution: Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use caution as mixture will be HOT. For external use only—do not ingest.


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