Reduce and control oil production while protecting skin daily.  This kit contains full size products to cleanse, mask, tone, and seal your skin for a natural glow.  Our top recommendations for very oily skin.



  • Choose a Soap | CBK, Turmeric Ginger, Rosewater Geranium, Sea Mud & Mint - 5-6 oz.
  • Bentonite Clay - 2 oz.
  • Clarifying Toner Pads - 5 oz.
  • Balancing Facial Oil - 1 oz.
  • Choose a Body Oil | Earthy Body Oil, Floral Body Oil, or Simple Body Oil (unscented) - 4 oz.




Add A Serum To Your Skin Kit!

Nourish, restore, repair, and rebuild your skin as you sleep. Add on one of our four facial serum formulations to take your nightly routine to the next level. Still lightweight and quick absorbing it is slightly thicker for hours of softness and all-night protection and nourishment. Try one or all of these luxurious, skin-loving oils plus powerful essential oils to elevate your skincare game.




Upgrade your experience more and add:

    • Cucumber & Aloe 2-in-1 Toner + Moisturizer
    • Sisal Exfoliating Washcloth
    • Silicone Mask Application Brush.


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