A truly natural alternative to laundry detergent--no chemicals or synthetics to irritate sensitive skin.  Give soap nuts a try for only about 14¢ per load.  This bag can wash up to 50 regular loads with just a few nuts and leaves no residual odors.  Want to add a bit aromatherapy to your wash?  Simply drop your favorite essential oils onto the muslin bag that come with your nuts, toss in the washer, and voila! 

These nuts are great for all skin types and even babies.


Soap Nut Facts:

  • They are the shell of a berry from the Soapnut Tree (Sapindus mukorossi).
  • These berry shells naturally produce a cleansing agent called Saponin that  works similarly to detergent.
  • Can wash in even cold water but will release more saponin in warmer water.  To wash in very cold water, prepare a liquid soap by boiling the nuts before hand and saving the liquid.
  • Safe even for those with nut allergies because they are not actually nuts but nut-like berry shells.


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