5 Things That SAVED My First Show Of The Year

5 Things That SAVED My First Show Of The Year

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first and biggest show of the year and I had a great time (read more about it here). The indoor venue was large enough for tables and shoppers to move without bumping into each other (with being indoors my favorite part). I had almost brought my backdrop to hang my business sign from and my space was more than sufficient, but it wasn’t really needed.

But, you’re here to learn more about what I did to prepare that made this show go so well. I’ll keep it simple.


1 | Tablecloth Options

So, I’ve been to two previous shows where the tables were said to be 6 ft but we’re actually 8. I purposed in my heart this year I was going to be prepared for either possibility and my efforts were rewarded. I prefer fitted tablecloths because they have tailored look to them and also it makes centering them on the table a lot easier. I especially like the cloths with a cut out in the back to make accessing products stored underneath much easier. Long story short the tables were indeed 8 ft and my 

2 | Samples

Many customers could not be convinced to buy due to indecision, pressed for time or money, newness to the brand, etc. But some were happy to take a sample pack. I would have missed some sales, but by offering the sample packs, customers were excited to able to try multiple items with a much smaller investment.

3 | Testers

A customer said they wished more tables had a way to sample products like I did. The biggest advantage of selling in person, is that customers can interact with your products directly and have their questions answered. Being able to firsthand experience the smell and texture of a product can encourage a customer to buy.

4 | Deals

Creating a product bundle can encourage customers to spend more by offering a discount on a bulk purchase. This especially helpful to move more product in a shorter time.  

5 | Keeping Set Up and Breakdown Simple

Not much explanation needed. Just like the header says—keep set up and breakdown simple—like super simple. There was a lot of heavy traffic that weekend so I arrived about 30 minutes late plus I lost time in the registration line. So by only packing three totes (two with product and one with extras), a couple of stands, a small power station, and a small flatbed, I only had to make two trips to the car. There should be no expectation for staff or other vendors to help you with your display. My motto is to only bring what I can myself carry. It especially helps after a long day to not have a lot to breakdown.

Hope this helps you at your next show!

Bonus tip: try out small quantities of new products at shows to gauge customer interest. I was able to try out a new product and it received a pretty good reception. It may now become a shop staple.

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