Tips & FAQs

The most important thing to remember is to keep ALL products away from water and humidity until you are ready to use them.  This will prolong the life of your product and reduce the likelihood of mold growth as these products are generally preservative-free.





It is recommended to use our products within 6-12 months of purchase.  Shelf-life is NOT guaranteed.  For best results store in a cool, dry place between uses or until used.



Handmade soaps do not like standing water.  If left sitting in a pool of water it will seem to "melt" and become very soft.  Be sure to store in a place where it can dry thoroughly between uses.



While full of wonderful, skin-loving oils, these oils may also make the tub slippery.  Use caution when entering, while using, and exiting the tub.



While some products are made to be used in the tub or shower, please do not introduce additional water into any of the products unless otherwise stated.  This can greatly decrease the shelf-life of the product and create an environment for mold and bacteria growth.




Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: No--not at this time.


Q: Do I have to use water to hydrate my face mask?

A: No.  Some customers prefer liquids such as warmed apple cider vinegar, honey, or light oils with a few drops of essential oil.  Research before you try these methods.


Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Not currently but you never know what the future holds... :)


Q: Do you take wholesale orders?

A: Yes! Click on the above “Wholesale” tab to see what we offer. We are also working to eventually accept tax-free orders from businesses approved through our application process.


Q: Why does my product smell different than the description?

A: 1) Everyone's nose will interpret smells differently.  2) Fragrances are usually a combination of complementing scents which fall into three main categories: top notes, middle notes, and base notes.  Top notes are the first notes you notice, followed by the middle, and then the base notes.  As products cure, certain notes may react with different ingredients slightly altering the fragrance and potentially mellowing over time--a process we have no control over.


Q: What do you mean by "unscented" or "naturally scented"?

A: "Unscented" refers to the fact that there are no added fragrance elements such as a fragrance oil or essential oil.  What you smell in an unscented or naturally scented product is the natural smell of the ingredients.


Q: How do you define natural?

A: Natural means the ingredients used in the product are natural in origin or derived from natural processes.  Essentials oils, plant-based powders, minerals, and clays are used to achieve color and scent.  Synthetic fragrances, colorants, or chemical detergents were not used in the productions process.


Q: Do you sell wax for hair removal?

A: No. Our uniquely designed melts are for wax warmers only.


Q: Are your products vegetarian or vegan friendly?

A: Yes.  All of our products are vegetarian as no animals fats are used in production.  Look for the word VEGAN in the product description for products with NO animal byproducts.  In addition, we ONLY use vegetable- and plant-based fats--animal fats like tallow and lard are not used.  We may use milk, honey, silk fibers (harvested cruelty-free), or beeswax which will be listed in the ingredients.


Q: Why handmade soap and not commercial soap?

A: Many commercial soaps contain harsh, synthetic detergents and additives which can be drying or irritating.  In its truest sense, soap is salts formed from the saponification of fats (oils), water, and sodium hydroxide--this is the case of handmade soap.  Different oils are used to provide natural, cleansing, nourishing, and conditioning properties.  

Skin-safe fragrances, colorants, and essential oils are used to enhance products (read more here).


Q: What is the difference between your Handmade Natural Soaps and Handmade Artisan Soaps?

A: Both are natural soaps (see "natural" definition above).  The former soaps contain no silk protein, no synthetic colorants or fragrances, and have a simpler design.  Most of the essential oil, colorant free, and naturally colored soaps are here.  The Artisan soaps usually contain added silk protein to boost the luxury of the bar: silky feel and more lather and skin-safe colorants and fragrances.  These ingredients allow for more complex designs, stunning colors, and more exciting fragrances.


Q: What processes do you use to create the soaps?

A: We use 3 methods: hot process, cold process, and melt and pour process.  Navigate to our YouTube channel to watch us work!

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