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>>Love your products and back to order more! ~Nola


My Skin Is Healing In A Day, Not A Week!

>>This is my Testimonial about Simple Body Oil. I started using it about two months ago. It has really helped my dry itchy skin especially at the back of my neck. Recently I was in the hospital and it is rapidly healing the places were they inserted the I .V. and took Blood . I highly recommend using Simple Body Oil if you are having skin problems. Signed Satisfied in Pennsylvania. ~OC

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My Daughter Has Eczema

>>“My daughter has eczema and uses the castor jelly for that and her hair!  She loves it because it helps stop the itching, leaves her skin smooth, clears the dark spots, and helps her hair to hold the oil!  Thawadah Rabah [Thank you very much] sis for introducing us to your natural products our family has been searching for!  Barakatha [Bless you]”  ~Navayah M

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It Got Lighter and Lighter Until Now It Has Now Almost Disappeared!

>>"I had a papercut on my hand for a few months it just was healing weird and was scaly and had a thick scab. After using the GREEN Butter on it consistently, it got lighter and lighter until it has now almost disappeared! So glad I took the plunge to try the big sample box."  ~Ruby G

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>>"The products smell great and make your skin feel great too!"  ~Evelyn J


Leaves Your Skin Silky Smooth

>>"MandF was introduced to us during Feast of Tabernacles. We love the bug out spray and couldn’t wait to try the body oils and the Calendula Castor Jelly.  We got home and used the Floral and Earthy Scents!   We have not gone back to lotion!  It leaves your skin silky smooth and not dry!  It does not leave you oily and does not burn you in the sun! I love the earthy smell and everyone else loves the floral! This is really our testimonial and how we feel. Also, it lasts long!  The two bottles we got in September did not run out until we made the order for more!  So about 3 to 3 1/2 months!"  ~Navayah M

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I Literally Can’t Stop Touching My Skin After I Use It

>>"I purchased the lavender soap, coffee bean soap, turmeric ginger and vitamin E facial oil. I like to use one soap at a time for my body so I started with the lavender soap. This was my first soap of yours I tried and have been hooked since! The lather on that thing is amaaaaazinggg!!! I do a third wash if it’s been an extra long day lol. The smell of it is so relaxing and I literally can’t stop touching my skin after I use it.

As for the vitamin E facial oil, I love that I feel another layer of protection on my skin! I use it right before I apply moisturizer and it definitely helps my face set its glow for the day! And I can’t go without saying thank you for the samples!! I received the calendula castor jelly and a piece of a royalty bar. You believe in your products enough to bless them like that in packages!? well I do too then because I find something else I’d like to buy each time! Thank you for your outstanding customer service and handwritten note inside my package.

It’s a good feeling to know the owner of a company CARES and personally appreciates your business!"  ~Airan F

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