Make Your Own DIY Room Sprays

Aired March 13, 2022

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Nothing quite enhances a space like a good scent change. With this recipe you can make your own room, linen, and clothing sprays with just a few ingredients in any scent you want!

Watch the tutorial here:


92% Distilled water

5% Fragrance or essential oil

2% Polysorbate 20

1% Preservative


To make four 4-ounce bottles you will need:

Distilled Water - 14.72 oz

Fragrance or essential oil - 0.80 oz

Polysorbate 20 - 0.32 oz

Preservative - 0.16 oz

Materials - 4-ounce bottles, fine mist sprayer tops, measuring and mixing utensils, kitchen scale, labels, a sanitized work space free of children and pets.


Happy making--stay SCENTsational!

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