Do You Have Vegan Options?

Great question!

The short answer is: YES!

The long answer is: Our primary goal is to create quality products to help you care for your skin without the use of petroleum (mineral oil), phthalates, pork (lard or gelatin), shellfish (chitin and guanine), and harsh synthetic detergents (SLS).

While selective as to the types of animals we utilize, we do believe that some animal products are useful and very beneficial to either skin health, the performance of a product, or both. With that said, the vast majority of our products are plant-based.

Here is a list of the animal by-products we approve the usage of in our products:

  1. Silk
  2. Lanolin (derived from sheep's wool)
  3. Beeswax or Honey
  4. Tallow (beef)
  5. Dairy (goat milk or bovine milk/yogurt)

Any products containing these ingredients will be listed in the ingredients section of the product description.