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Starting in our early teens into our adult years, we can struggle with acne. Acne is typically inflammation caused by pores clogged with bacteria, dead skin, and oil.

So, when caring for your acne-prone skin, you need a routine that can break down and remove dirt and oil and soothe inflammation.

Nature powered skincare!

Ingredients shown beneficial to acne-prone skin include:

witch hazel, rosemary, neem, turmeric, lavender, clay, jojoba oil, coconut oil, chamomile, aloe vera, and calendula

Tips To Keep Skin Clear

First, cleanse morning and evening and avoid touching your face throughout the day. Next, learn more about non-comedogenic oils. This is a scale that rates oils on how likely they are to clog pores and cause pimples, blackheads, etc. Last, be consistent with your skincare and incorporate medicated interventions when necessary.

  • Remove Dirt & Oil

    We recommend cleansing twice a day. When acne has healed over and inflammation subsided, start spot treatment for dark spots at night.

  • Purge

    Unclog pores and removing deeply imbedded oil. Hydrate your mask with warm water, herbal tea, or honey. Mask about two to three times per week.

  • Balance

    Our Pure Witch Hazel Toner is alcohol-free, so it will tighten pores and soothe inflamed skin without stinging.

  • Replace

    The final step to glowing skin is sealing in the moisture and restoring your skin's barrier. Our non-comedogenic facial oils absorb quickly.

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