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What is hyperpigmentation? Very simply put, its a condition which causes dark spots or patches to appear due to an overproduction of melanin. The causes of the overproduction can range from overexposure to sun or chemicals, trauma to the skin, or medical conditions and reactions.

So, when caring for your hyperpigmented skin, you need a routine full of antioxidants, sunscreen, moisturizers, and brighteners.

Nature powered skincare!

Ingredients shown to naturally lighten skin include:

neem, turmeric, lemon, lavender, ginger, aloe vera, and apple cider vinegar.

Is Kojic acid natural?

Yes! Kojic acid is derived from fungi as a byproduct of malting rice for rice wine or soy sauce. It works by inhibiting aspects of melanin production to induce a skin lightening effect. Always use at night or apply a mineral sunscreen after use.

  • Remove Dirt & Oil

    We have two amazing turmeric soap options: Turmeric Ginger Bar and the Golden Kojic Acid Soap. The first soap is gentle enough to use for daily cleansing, while the kojic acid bar is best for nightly spot treatment.

  • Purge & Exfoliate

    A gentle clay and turmeric mask is a great addition to your routine. Hydrate your mask with warm water, herbal tea, a bit of lemon juice, or honey. Try to mask no more than two or three times per week.

  • Hydrate

    Our Rose Water Toner is alcohol-free, so it will both tone and hydrate your skin after cleansing or masking. Harness the hydrating and soothing power of rose water and the pore tightening effects of witch hazel.

  • Restore

    The final step to glowing skin is sealing in the moisture and restoring your skin's barrier. Our non-comedogenic facial oils leave your skin soft and protected.

    As an additional step, apply an appropriate SPF sunscreen.

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