DIY Room Refreshing Spray

DIY Room Refreshing Spray

DIY natural (well...mostly natural) room and linen sprays are all the rage in recent years for a good reason. Most people are looking to cut down on household toxins and questionable ingredients being inhaled throughout the home. This super simple 4 ingredient spray that you can make in literal minutes, is completely customizable to whatever scent your like. Keep in mind your mixture may be milky or opaque in appearance. Using a white or colored opaque bottle helps hide this. Fragrance ideas: fresh, linen, floral, perfume, fruity, earthy, and spicy.

Watch me make this recipe on YouTube here: 

 Materials & Equipment

  • an accurate kitchen scale
  • gloves (rubber or nitrile)
  • apron
  • plastic or glass 4-cup measuring cup
  • spoon
  • 4-ounce plastic bottles
  • fine mist sprayer tops

Room Refreshing Spray Recipe:

*This is not my original recipe. All measurements are by weight not volume. Be sure to test your recipes and use proper labeling guidelines before reselling to the public.

Version 1 (makes four 4 oz bottles):

  • 92% Distilled water - 14.72 oz
  • 5% Fragrance or Essential Oil - 0.80 oz
  • 2% Polysorbate 20 - 0.32 oz
  • 1% Preservative - Optiphen Plus or equivalent - 0.16 oz

Version 2 (makes four 4 oz bottles):

  • 92.5% Distilled water - 14.80 oz
  • 5% Fragrance or Essential Oil - 0.80 oz
  • 2% Polysorbate 20 - 0.32 oz
  • 0.5% Preservative - Liquid Germall Plus or equivalent - 0.08 oz


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