Etsy & You: Is It Meant To Be?

Etsy & You: Is It Meant To Be?

Etsy is currently (by a far margin) the most well-known and popular online marketplace for handmade creators. You can find pretty much anything and everything within just a few clicks. Does your business have what it takes to stand out?

Etsy is recognized by shoppers internationally which will give your brand a huge boost in reach--great for anyone on a tight marketing budget. They also offer some free marketing to help drive traffic to their site and by extension--your business. But Etsy does have a few drawbacks as well. Competition is pretty tight on Etsy. And every day more people start offering their own products. Type in "body butter" and see how many companies sell body butter or a similar product. You have to be very determined to compete and stand out against the other sellers. The biggest thing most sellers have issue with are the fees charged by Etsy to list and run your shop. So, with free marketing, the ability to rank in searches, and access to their established customer base, is it worth it? 

In the video below, I explain more about why Etsy may (or may not) be what you need to draw customers to your business and start your road to success.

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But Wait...There's More!

Maybe instead of Etsy you're thinking that building your own website is a better idea. Visit my post about the pros and cons of having a website for your business to see if its right for you. Click >>here<<.

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