How To Be A Vendor In 2022

How To Be A Vendor In 2022

I know its only January, but market season will be upon us in just a few months. Preparing for a market takes a lot of advanced planning and in order to avoid stress closer to your event date, it is a good idea to start now. 

In this video, I explain several important tips to make your market planning as smooth as possible. Here are the topics covered.

  • Finding A Event or Market
  • Prepping For The Event
  • What To Do During The Market
  • What To Do After The Market
  • How I Am Prepping My Business For Market Season

There are chapters highlighted in the video so feel free to watch the parts you need or watch the whole thing to get a complete picture.

Good luck on your 2023 market planning!

Finding A Event or Market

The first hurdle is to find where to sell your amazing soaps and cosmetics. It is important to do all the legwork to make sure your experience will be a successful one and you have an idea of what you are getting into in terms of product production. Schedule enough time between each one so you can recover and restock.

Prepping For The Event

Now you've found you event or events. Its time to get your products, equipment, and supplies in order. make sure you find out from the coordinator what is supplied for you. Pack all the essentials and some emergency supplies--you never what may come up! To be honest, this can be the most stressful part of the market experience.

What To Do During The Market

So you've finally made it. What now? What should you be doing? What will customers need from me? This is more than just a selling opportunity. You are a brand ambassador bringing awareness to your amazing brand. Represent yourself well.

What To Do After The Market

Whew! How was it? Time to reflect and follow-up. This is critical to help make your next experience even better. 

How I Am Prepping My Business For Market Season

Am I taking my own advice in planning for my market adventures this year? Let's see...


But Wait...There's More!

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