How To Protect Your Handmade Business In 2022

How To Protect Your Handmade Business In 2022

Your brand new business is your baby and you want to keep it safe. At any point in your entrepreneurial journey mishaps and situations arise both in and out of your control. From legalizing, setting up lists, and more, here are my top 10 ideas to do just that. Click the video to watch or keep reading!

Protecting Yourself And Your Business In 2022

#1 Insurance

Keep your business and yourself safe from a variety of unexpected and unfortunate circumstances.

#2 LLC or Corp

Choosing the right legal entity opens doors only accessible with established legal businesses.

#3 Trademark

Protect your business name and other names you wish to use in your business.

#4 Business Bank Account

Separate your business and personal finances for accurate accounting.

#5 Financial Professional

Having your quarterly and yearly tax return paperwork handled by a professional ensures your finances are in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.

#6 Small-Business Legal Professionals

Outsource complicated legal tasks to professionals like a small-business lawyer.

#7 Avoid Loads and Debt

Debt is the quickest way to bankrupt your business—and yourself.

#8 Good Manufacturing Practices

Good manufacturing practices are consistent habits and routines you put in place to 

#9 Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Your business will benefit from a "proactive" versus "reactive" mindset when it comes to putting protections in place for both you and your new company. Too often, new owners learn its too late after events have transpired. During the downtime between sales, plan ahead and to put as many time-saving systems in place. This will alleviate playing catchup later.

#10 Set Prices For A Profit

Its a business…you HAVE to make money.


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