Beat The Heat: Summer Vending

Beat The Heat: Summer Vending

Summer events tend to be some of the most fun events to participate in. But, the direct sun, heat, and humidity that characterize the season are no friend to bath & body vendors. Not only are solid products in danger of melting, but soaps and oils can oxidize and go rancid with continued exposure to UV light, humidity, and high temps. Water-based products with preservatives are also at risk of preservative deactivation. Here is a quick list to help you keep your products protected and fresh for customers.


Indoor Spaces

Many vendors may have indoor spaces available, but you will definitely need to apply as early as possible. And keep in mind that you may be limited to a smaller area—likely an 8 ft x 8 ft space or simply a single 6 ft table.


A box cooler stocked with ice can keep drinks cool for you but also solid products that may melt like lotion bars. Put your products in a plastic bag and invest in smudge proof labels (I sadly learned this from experience—had to peel, reprint, and reapply a lot of labels). Whipped products, like body butters that deflate in heat, may need to stay at home for shipping or delivery only.



Keeping direct sunlight off of your products is essential. Invest a bit more in a canopy with sides that can block direct sun from all angles. White is the recommended color for most events and don’t forget your canopy weights!


Electric Fans

It really helps keep your space cooler when air is circulating. Either a battery operated or corded fan can get the job done.

Power Bank

This won’t directly keep anything cool but a small power bank may be all you need to run a fan, small cooler fridge, or keep devices charged (the heat always seems to drain my devices quicker).


As an additional summer tip, wearing layers allows you to put on or remove clothing to keep you cool, or warm, when necessary. Summer temps can fluctuate drastically throughout the day. Have fun, stay safe, and keep cool! 

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