Get The MOST From Your Leave-On Facial Products

Get The MOST From Your Leave-On Facial Products

Yes! There is a technique to getting the most effectiveness from your products. And here it is:

By layering your skincare routine from thinnest consistency to thickest, you maximize how well your skin can absorb any active ingredients.

That’s it. But let’s still explore a little deeper in detail.


Layer On The Hydration

Always starting with a clean face—hopefully you are using one of our amazing essential oil facial soaps. Begin with your thinnest water-based products and gradually step up thickness. A skin toner like an alcohol-free witch hazel is my favorite to start. Next, apply any active ingredient spot treatments. Follow up with your gel, lotion, or cream moisturizer. These products will absorb quickly into your skin since these contain about 60-90% water. This gives your face a plump and hydrated feel. Now, we can protect that.


Sealing In Moisture

After you’ve applied your water-based products, we can now add more oil-heavy products that need more absorption time. This increase in absorption time creates a barrier that protects the moisture you applied earlier through the day or night. You can start with your lightweight serum, or facial oil. This will nourish you skin and give a lovely shine and glow. Finish up with your mineral-based sun screen or butter- or wax-based products like our Calendula-Infused Castor Jelly as your final layer.


Why It Works

This layering is so efficient because oil is hydrophobic and will prevent any water-soluble ingredients from penetrating the skin effectively once applied. Also, water is neutral in nature and the oils layered last will help the skin restore its acidic pH.


I really hope this article helps to explain the why and how of proper skincare application. Take care.

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