Three Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt And Stay Positive!

Three Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt And Stay Positive!

You deserve to feel happy and content as you celebrate your business plans. Here are 3 ways to do just that and kick self-doubt to the curb! 

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How To Manage Self-Doubt As A Small-Business Owner

Self-doubt is like the ocean waves on a beach that come in and out, never truly retreating too far from mind. In a smaller business, it is easier to get caught up in those waves of negative feelings. Especially since our idea of success may not have fully come into realization. I found an article by FORBES that gives some sound and practical advice for business owners to manage those negative feeling as they come.

Tip #1

Reflect on how far you've come, not on where you haven't reached yet. It's easy to look at someone else's journey and lament as to why your success isn't what theirs looks like. Celebrate the successes you have accomplished because your future can only come after your past.

Tip #2

Step outside of your feelings and look objectively. We tend to be be our biggest critics and beat ourselves up for the smallest things. Taking a few steps back and looking logically at what we've accomplished can make all the difference in maintaining that positive outlook we desire.

Tip #3

Don't celebrate too early. Hold your ideas and in-the-works ideas to yourself until they are ready. Feelings of doubt and failure manifest when we tell everyone what we "want" to do and the pressure builds if we don't or can't achieve those goals. Play things close to the chest until you've worked out all the details behind the scenes.


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