The Best Vegan Alternatives to Beeswax

The Best Vegan Alternatives to Beeswax

I absolutely love beeswax in my skincare routine. But, despite its amazing skin benefits such high amounts of Vitamin A and humectant properties—beeswax is not for everyone. Due to various reasons, such as allergies, dietary requirements, and ethical views, some makers and customers are drawn to plant based, vegan alternatives. Vegetable waxes and other vegan waxes do require more processing to acquire but over all you are left with an equally natural and effective wax.

There are some variable and minute texture differences between waxes so sufficient performance testing in your formula is always a must. Also, be aware that not all waxes are a one-to-one substitute for beeswax. I will recommend a good substitution ratio and from there you can tweak the results to meet your desired result. 

Here are 2 plant-based waxes to replace beeswax in your next vegan recipe.

2. Sunflower Wax

sunflower wax

Appearance: white pellets, neutral odor

A waxy ester derived from the extracted and winterized oil from crushed sunflower seeds. This wax has a high melting point and is popular in lip and eye products like mascara. Its harder in nature than beeswax so less is needed in your formulations. A bit pricier than some beeswax but less is overall needed.

Begin substitution at about half of the amount of beeswax your recipe calls for. 

1. Candelilla Wax

plant-based wax in bowl

Appearance: yellow flakes or pellets, neutral odor

Derived from the waxy leaves of the candelilla shrub, wax from this plant is much stiffer and more brittle than beeswax. I find that less is best with this wax as only a small amount is needed to achieve a firm result. The price can be comparable or more than beeswax but in the end you use much less product.

Begin substitution at about half of the amount of beeswax your recipe calls for. 


But the winner is...

By far, candelilla wax is the most recognizable, readily available, and comparably priced vegan substitute to beeswax. Find a trusted supplier and happy making!


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