Thanks for coming over to check us out.  My name is Andrea and I am the dreamer, owner, and creative mind behind Myrrh & FrankinSCENTS.



I originally turned to soap making as a way to unwind, relax, and de-stress from a hectic workday.  I absolutely fell in love with the process and the creative jumpstart it gave me.  After using the soap, I started to notice an improvement in my and my family's skin--less itching, less dryness, and fewer eczema outbreaks. 

Immediately, I began researching the benefits of handmade natural soap over most commercial brands.  It was staggering to find the amount of chemical detergents and carcinogenic synthetics that are passing as soap on the market through very clever marketing.  Soon, I was reading constantly to discover ingredients that would best enhance the skin naturally and started developing my own recipes. 

That was in 2017.  Now, I have branched out into toners, body oils, natural skincare alternatives, and other bath and body treats.  My family and I are firm believers in prayer and Scripture. We also truly believe this company was and is inspired so that each product can enhance the natural beauty and glow we all possess and serve a functional purpose in your home and life.

I'm glad you stuck around and want to thank you again for stopping by to learn a bit more about our company.  Be blessed!




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