Clay & Mud

Clays and muds are natural powders mined from the earth itself and make wonderful additives to add to deodorant, masks, and soaps as they add a luxurious feel, beautiful colors, and absorbent properties to your formulations. Clay come from all over the world in a rainbow of colors due to their unique mineral compositions like calcium, selenium, silica, magnesium, iron, iron oxide, zinc, copper, silver, and more! They also have very different rates of absorption. Always make sure your clays are cosmetic grade and free of harmful metals and toxins by purchasing from a reputable distributor.

Try these colors:

  • white kaolin clay
  • French green clay
  • purple Brazilian clay
  • yellow Brazilian clay
  • red Brazilian clay
  • red Rhassoul clay
  • Moroccan red clay
  • Valdai or Cambrian Russian Blue clay
  • black Brazilian clay (not charcoal, actual black clay!)
  • rose and blush pink clay
  • Bentonite clay
  • Dead Sea mud clay
  • Glacial mud clay
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